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Also, i know rogaine helps many, but i ve also read about an initial shed when using roagine do you think this might also be causing you to shed those shorter hairs.

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I had that, thought i was having a stroke, so went to dr ended up at neurologist who diagnosed it as optical migrains check it out on the internet the page shows examples of what people experience annoying, unpredictable and sometimes scarey, but never painful, just exhausting sometimes if it lasts awhile i liken it to a charlie horse in my eyes thanks for the info on rogaine, etc.

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Once a day topical use of rogaine topical minoxidil 2 and 5 seems to be almost as effective as using it twice a day.

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Tell your doctor if any of the following side effects are severe or do not go away while taking rogaine itchiness dryness scaling flaking irritation burning.

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